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About the PTA

What is the Indy PTA mission statement?

The mission of the Independence PTA is to support academic excellence and active student engagement so that all students may achieve to their fullest potential. We support the administration, staff, our students, and their families through many activities throughout the year, which help enrich our school environment and our students' experience at Independence Elementary.

What are the Indy PTA's goals?

  1. Identify and fill needs that enrich the learning environment at Independence Elementary.
  2. Make it as simple as possible to be a volunteer within our school community.


Who is the president of the PTA?

Catherine Ott has been involved with the Independence Elementary PTA since she and her family moved to the area in 2016. Joining the Indy PTA was a great way for her to get involved, meet new people and help her family develop strong roots in their new schools. She has been Indy's yearbook advisor for six years, assisted on various PTA committees and took on the role as PTA President in 2019.

Catherine would like to encourage all parents – both new and longtime Lakota families – to get involved in their school's PTA/PTO as a way to make a difference, feel connected and help continue to build on the strong foundation our parent volunteers provide for all Lakota schools.