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Programs & Events

How do I meet other Indy parents & families?

The PTA hosts several events each year to help bring the community together. We will be hosting Dinner Out each month, a quarterly family fun activity, movie nights and more. Watch for opportunities in Indy's school newsletter. If you are interested in setting up and Indy Parent & Family event, please contact

How does PTA decide the budget?

At the beginning of the school year, a core team consisting of the PTA officers (presidents and treasurers) align to a proposed operating budget. This budget is an estimate based on the spending and income from the previous year and provides a reasonable starting place to balance the budget.

As needed, a spending committee will be assembled to identify monetary needs, unique for the new school year, that would result in an incremental budget item. For example, one year the spending committee approved a technology grant for additional laptops. Any large changes to the annual budget will go through a spending committee process.

How does the PTA earn funds each year?

The PTA host one fundraiser every year: our Masquerade-themed Walk-a-thon at the end of October. This Indy tradition, the Masquerade March, is a student’s most anticipated day of school! Each Indy student gets to show their creativity and character as they parade in costume. The money earned from our walk-a-thon covers most of our PTA special enrichment programs throughout the year. In general, we hope to raise about $30 per student to cover our
planned programing.

Additionally, the PTA is always looking for money from generous corporate sponsors and participates in Kroger Rewards and BoxTops for Education. If you are a small business owner and interested in being a corporate sponsor, please contact If you have experience in fundraising, we would love your expertise on our team.